Drives to the right of the line

My tractor seems to want to drive a couple feet to the right of the line. Would this be due to my zero point being off a little or my counts per degree? The GPS antenna is centered on the tractor and set to zero offset.

This is usually due to an incorrect steer zero setting. Verify that by checking on your next pass going the opposite direction if it still is off to the right.

If it is consistent then yes, however I found yesterday 4.2 would sit true on some runs then offset one then revert back to true. Basically randomly. Sometimes the line would be in the wrong place, sometimes the line was in the right place but steering would be off to the side. My WAS is bang on straight. I’m guessing / hoping this is one of the bugs Brian is on about that have maybe been ironed out in 4.3.

I was running out of daylight yesterday so I only used 4.3 as guidance. I think it corresponded with my markers reasonably well.