Dual antenae RTK using LoRa

Hey people. I am wanting to build a dual antenae system with RTK correction from a base station via LoRa as phone reception is very poor in my area. I guess i will copy along the lines of MTZ8302 and stack 2 ardusimple f9p boards but not sure after that. The esp32 will be a nice way to communicate with tablet computer running the AOGPS. What hardware setup would i use to get the correction via LoRa? Does each of the dual antennae on the roof need corrections or do you just correct after the software creates the “virtual single antennae” position? I am unsure as to how all this happens and what i need to buy in order to start putting together. I have AOG running on a tablet and have the pcb’s and components for auto steer and section control.

Please help as I’m unsure on how to proceed and what hardware exactly to buy.

Edit. Mostly unsure of the hardware for the LoRa and where does this correction from fixed base station come into the system? The lora recieves it and then… what? Still very green learning all the time.

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I‘m working on your idea with LoRa for e few weeks, but not ready for use. Problem of time. I want to use a heltec esp32 LoRa from AZ delivery.
I use also dualheading for steering but my own program. By useing the Heltec Esp32 LoRa i want use the same dualheading program only changing the dataflow. But I didn’t find the right way to send ntrip from LoRa to LoRa.
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Ntrip is just a rtcm data stream. Depends what your base can output. Do you need an ntrip client on the esp32 or can you get a serial or TCP/UDP stream directly from your base station?

With a normal esp32 and WiFi it works. But to send and receive with LoRa I didn’t find the right way.
Also i need about 1,5 sec for one RTK msg. So it is to slow.
As I said, I’m not ready.
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I think most ntrip stations send at 1hz but I also think most rtk receivers can work with a slower rtcm update speed. So if you need 1.5s for Lora to send one update, try it at 0.33 Hz (every 3s).

I think it will,go much better, but it is my first work with LoRa. So it needs experience.
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Just remembered that Reach have LoRa ability, so maybe these videos can help, explain some of the necessary settings.

@Franz Did you get Lora to work for you?