Dual antenas?

Hello, can someone tell me what are the benefits of dual antenna setup?

Do i still need was sensor on wheels with dual antenna?
How does it perform compared with single antenna?
On single antenna i got problems on higher speeds, 8+ km/h tractor starts going left right a lot and when speed is down it stops.

I find that tractor is heading much better when antenna is on the front of tractor.

Is there any way to get rid off was to work like cerea without it?

The benefit of having two antennas is, that you have an absolute orientation of the tractor including roll and heading which is necessary on slopy fields. This may explain, why regulation is better, if the antenna is in front of the tractor (likely a much lower position).

Another option is using an IMU for that. 5 people here will have 6 opinions, which solution is better… :wink:

Nevertheless, there’s something else going wrong, if the steering doesn’t work above 8km/h…

WAS: Yes, but no. For steering wheel motor setups, it is technically possible to work with incremental sensors for steering like Cerea, but AgOpenGPS does not support this yet. Many tractors already have factory-build WAS, so using that is always the more precise option.

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Can you tell me whitch is that incremental sensor, maybe we can make it work.

Or fj dynamics , also don’t have was and works nice.

We made our was with induction sensor.
Motor itself has encoder and every time wheels go straight induction sensor sets encoder on 0.

So we menaged like that to resolve lekage in hydraulics to know where are the wheels.

But when we see trimble,fj etc they all work without it.

If anyone knows what type sensor they use or how it works, maybe we can implenent in AG.

One our work

But we have problem on higher speeds , it starts to wiggle

So we want to try dual antena and if we find some sensor for heading to eliminate was (in our case induction sensor )

In the 30th second of the video, I see it as if there is a lag in the mechanics or the gears, and it makes a sound when struggling, I couldn’t see it clearly because it was night. Could this be the reason or fine PID settings?

There are no gears,motor is made for autopilot(brushless).

John deere has a gap in telescope of steereng wheel.Therefore he sometimes has shaking.

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