Dual f9p antenna placement


Thanks to a wonderful fellow board member, I finally have 100% of my parts and I am ready to proceed with physical installation on my tractor (kubota m105s.)

I’ve got the latest dual f9p pcb with no IMU.

What is the recommended physical dual antenna placement?


Recommended is to place the antennas as far apart as reasonably possible.

Side to side or front to back? Should I put one on the front bumper and one on the top of the cab? Or side by side on top of the cab as far apart as possible?

Side by side

The reason we put them side by side is to get the roll angle which is the difference in altitude between the two antennas. Using this angle AOG can compensate for the roll of the tractor, calculating the exact ground position of the tractor. Otherwise when you drive over bumps the GPS antenna would sway back and forth a lot and the track would not be straight.

The farther apart the antennas are the more accurate the roll reading will be. I get pretty good results with about 1.3 metres of separation.

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we have them about 1.5 meter of separation, the roll is measured by the IMU, we have a twin antenne system for low speed accuracy