Dual GPS + IMU

I see there is some commented out code in the firmware for using dual GPS and IMU. The code looks like it compares the dual GPS heading and roll to the IMU and averages them. Anybody using this bit of code? If so, what were the results?

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Dual antenna with BNO085 questions

We have a V4.1 all-in-one micro PCB setup. V5.81

The board is has two micro F9P’s as well as the BNO085 IMU installed.

Corrections come via 4G some area drop to 3G with intermittent signal.

Does the BNO085 interacts with the GPS if there is intermittent loss of RTK in weak signal areas.

Also is RVC mode for the BNO085 implemented yet and will it help Dual antenna setup in weak signal areas.

Hoping the BNO085 is not switched off completely when Dual antenna’s are used.

Set 3g and use 3g all the time. 4g receives a very weak signal. 3g cannot exceed. RTK breaks. When you stay on 3G all the time, RTK drops less.

The code appears to keep the separate BNO data thread running as long as a BNO is detected. It also appears there is a 10 second wait and then it will switch to single GPS and IMU. If dual comes back, it looks like it will switch back to dual after 10 seconds.

Thanks guys for the response.