Dual GPS setup


I would just like to post some progress pictures of a dual antenna GPS setup I have been working on. Many thanks to @MTZ8302 for his work porting to the ESP32/Dual GPS/UDP and his help troubleshooting.

I am still waiting on some new SMA connector to shorten up the GPS cables but other than that, I am pretty happy with the setup. just requires power/gnd and the rest is done via WIFI. It uses two sparkfun breakout boards for the ZED-F9P receivers and of course an ESP32 au the uC. It all fits - just - in an EEC from Deutsch and uses 2 UBlox aerials.




Really nice, thanks for sharing. That’s gonna be useful to me.
Did you find waterproof radio connectors to put on the roof (I can’t manage to find a solution about that) ? Do you plan to make the whole setup removable to mount it on different machines ? Is the connector waterproof enough (There seems to be a big hole on front where wires are inserted) ?
By the way, on the first picture, you seem to have a long antenna (Cibi I guess) that’s gonna get in the line of sight of your GNSS antennas. You may want to avoid that.

Nice idea - but please remove F9p from roof!!!

No direct sunlight and it’s too hot there!!!

Kills rtk performance…

Not even inside opaque enclosures?

Plenty of commercial receivers are located on the roofs with the antenna, though not as obviously exposed as that one is.

Andreas can you please specify what is the behavior of the F9P ?

Did talk with ardusimple about that.

So if you like that place make a sun and head protection . Comericial receivers have antenna above it und receiver unter it for example …


and how about performance? Does it ride nice? How good does it turn at the end (u-turn)?

Hello, should the antenna hight in AOG settings still be Zero when using v5.1 with Dual Antenna system(roll on esp32 compensated)?