Dumb question

I would like to put aog in my combine not for auto steer but more as a red neck yield monitor.
My question is there a way to sense when i turn the the header on and off to start and stop painting the screen in aog.
Ive used farmers gps in my sprayer for years for mapping. It came with a box that ties into section control and connects to the tablet through usb. when i turn a boom on it paints that section on the screen. Is there a way to do this with AOG ?

Its called work switch in AGopen, It enables “painting” the screen. Steer switch enables auto steering.

I probably didnt word this correctly. I want aog to sense when I turn my feeder house on or off. I dont wont aog to control it, if that makes sense.

If you connect the work switch to the output of the feeder housing switch then it will paint coverage when you engage the feeder. The work and steer switch are both inputs for AOG.

Perfect thank you, thats what I needed to know.

@Kyfarmer We leave header on while turning around. Would you want it to know when header is on and lowered? That’s how our commercial system (agleader) works.

How are you making your yield monitor?

good point I think you are correct use a switch to trigger when head is down. As to the yield monitor all I want to do is know how much ground i cover to fill the hopper, hence the red neck part of the yield monitor.

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Great idea. Would be great with weigh wagon as well. B nice to be able to reset or make a new region after dumping. Yeah put a whisker switch on feeder.

depending on how big of a field your in drop a flag at each full hopper will give a visual of how it yeilds. I realize most combines have onboard yield monitors now days. Mine doesnt, and i dont really have a need for a full blown system, all that really matters is what crosses the scales at the elevator.

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