Dummies guide to AOG?

Hi all! I am absolutely loving seeing all these set ups, and am keen to get my own going! I have an existing Rinex GA8500 trying to use MojoRKT to steer via JD ATU200, in a Chamberlain 4080 (similar to JD4030). I have a few other GPS pieces from other Rinex systems ive hoarded over a few years, including a Trimble AgGPS 332, and a Leice/Ag Leader GPS6500 receiver. I have searched to try and find essentially a dummies guide to setting up an AOG set up with capacity to expand into section control, but starting just with a display and field mapping. What would be the parts needed to develop that? Ideally I would like to maintain the GPS6500 receiver and possibly use the ATU200 as the steering wheel in the future. If someone can direct me to what I need to get into this I would be very thankful.
Huge respect for what you all do.
Cheers, Cam

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