Easy to use mobile base for rtk

Have a neighbour who bought an Aggps system recently. Just found out and have been giving him a bit of a hand setting it up.

The gps single isn’t fantastic and I wanna help get him up to rtk even for his light bar… problem is he has no base (he could use mine) but its hard to hot spot off a flip phone…

Heard a few references to mobile bases, a corner of the field type of temp setup for rtk.

Wondering what type of hardware would be best to tackle this project, its critical that it be as plug and play as possible for him. i cant get out to help him all the time.

What about a ardusimple standard F9P and radio? That is what I am running for a base and I think a lot of other people are. Ardusimple has radios that will work up to 20km.

No mobile coverage across fields?

For plug and play as posible maybe tablet with sim slot for internet, and/or 4g modem, you need data plan then, as you have rtk base and use hotspot then there is internet coverage.

Mobile base must be survey in every time (you can make spot in every field and change cords in base to that spot but thats far from plug and play) needs power etc.

Re: 10kms.

What is wrong with my setup? I have a XLR Xbee piggy backed on my Ardusimple F9P. I have it 25’ off the ground and I’m getting erratic single at a mile. Clear line of sight. I have a 110v ac converter to 5v 3 watt converter with a 20 gauge wire in hope of not restricting power.

Which antenna on the base and rovers?

On the base I have a 150mm pcs to get out of my IP67 box then a 10m extension before this. I was going to try removing the extension but it get difficult to maintain the height. Are they particular on the length of cable before the antenna?

Can’t find my history, one I think is from mouser and one was from Ali.

Just make sure your connectors are correct. I had tried to use a rp-sma with sma and there was no center pin so my range was only 1 mile max until I used the correct connector.

There is a lot of wireless internet and farm networks here so I think that is a huge part. My wireless is 5G but my neighbour has a 2.4 network.

Your Xbee radios are 900 mhz?

Matt, do the Xbee have a power setting for the wattage? My RFD900 come factory set to 1/2 watt. I have to set them to 1 watt

No they are 2.4. Are yours on 900? I understand the 900 has better range through trees or such.

The 2.4 ghz radios are only rated to a couple hundred meters if I remember correctly. Probably will need the LR radios to get any further.

Ah, so you have the MR radios?

Light :bulb: the XLR and Pro that they sent me ARE 900 but I’m pretty sure the antennas I ordered are 2.4 :roll_eyes: