EASYNAV.XYZ your all-in-one-source for hardware, rtk-correction-subscriptions and location hosting is online

EXCITING NEWS! !:rocket:
GEODNET is partnering with EASYNAV.XYZ, the all-in-one source for hardware, subscriptions, and location hosting.
We’re eager for a successful, long-term collaboration.
Please check the new website for details!! !:globe_with_meridians:

Phone number to register, not open about pricing, miner deployed on my premises?


That link does nothing for me incidentally.

How do you envisage collaboration with the community ?

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We are gradually activating the service in the individual countries together with GEODNET
Switzerland is currently activated with all prices, followed by Germany, Italy etc.
Of course we want to offer a better price than the existing countries.
That’s why the message appears so that you can already get in touch.

Until everything is ready, I will be able to compare the map with the location after contacting us and offer a test account, that’s no problem.
The link “EASYNAV-RTK Map” is not yet active.
The own stations that EASYNAV.XYZ installs and hosts will be visible there.
As we have only just started, it is still empty.
However, the global map of GEODNET shows the 3533 active stations worldwide.
So the network is visible.
I will be happy to answer any further questions.

Best regards from Switzerland
Rouven Keller

send me an e-mail and i can send you the first offers i have prepared for the agriculture and construction sector.
maybe this is something that might interest you.

Is it me or are all the stations situated on graveyards in the netherlands??

When i open stations and check google map locations.

Is there any reason you can’t be upfront about your offers here, in public?

I can certainly do that for Switzerland :

Switzerland: per account/device:
monthly subscription: $55.-
annual subscription: $500.-
Single-base subscription: $9.-
Rinex-Data: $11.-
-but there are options that make the single-base subscription even cheaper or almost free…
can post the flyer if desired.
just finished in german and english

(Robert Aebi and Bucher have a new deal, but it is an annual subscription and more expensive than our offer)
and we do also an offer if a mass-licence needed


will you tell me where you are from?

How do you find this compares e.g. with RTKbase (you must be familiar with the competition but more info about RTKbase here on the forum)?

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Just to understand correctly,

For $55/month (in Sweden) I get a subscription for NTRIP RTK corrections for 1 rover (tractor) to all your base stations (country wide coverage). You own and maintain the base stations and they are somewhere else not on my property.

Or for $9/month (in Sweden) I get a subscription for NTRIP RTK corrections for unlimited rovers (tractors) but only to 1 base station (~25km radius of coverage). You own and maintain the base stations and they are somewhere not on my property.

Do I understand it correctly?

Hi WildBuckwheat,
No, the currently activated country that is active and can already be booked is SWITZERLAND, swiss, swizzera. (not sweden)
The offer is valid for one access (1 device / machine)
monthly: $55.- for the whole network
yearly: $500.- for the whole network.
singlebase-subscription: $9.- )is the access for one base station which covers a radius of 20km with 1cm accuracy.)

if you need more licenses, please let us know and of course there will be a price reduction.
send me your e-mail address and i will send you my new flyer which i have prepared.

I don’t know it perfectly myself. Where can I find a map of the stations?
I would be happy to look at it again in detail.

(Our network is Web3 based and community operated. So it is not owned by a single monopoly company like the big providers you know.
So the GNSS stations belong to the users and they are compensated for their data, we maintain the network and the systems with GEODNET, easynav.xyz is the all-in-one partner who distributes the services (products).

So its excact as the providers as movertk and vrsnow. 500 euro per tractor per year. And you can drive where you want. If you select without simcard its 300 euro a year.

Still way to much if you have 5+ tractors.

Thank god for centipede and rtk2go.


Let’s be realistic you’re not going to drive hours away with your tractor so having 1 or 2 base stations around you should be plenty good for agricultural usage.

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