Eaton sense return line

Can I plug the return from the sense line if I’m using a load shuttle? Replacing a outback valve with a eaton PWM valve, or just get rid of the load shuttle and tie the return in?

Do you have any hydraulic schematics of the valves? The Outback has a LS line that goes to the steering priority valve via a shuttle valve I guess, doesn’t the Eaton have an LS output? If nothing is giving the priority valve LS pressure, you will have no steering pressure.

No schematic, but outback valve goes shuttle → bang bang ls port. The eaton has the ls and lr, which I take it is the return port for the load sense line.

Got it, is it actually remote LS line? So that you can put the LS signal coming from an external source thru the valve, then the valve itself usually has a built in shuttle.

If I may ask, what model Eaton PWM valve do you have?

Hello sorry for the late reply, it’s a Eaton mcd-8632

Edit: guess that doesn’t help much as it’s a custom block, but the valve side is a KDG4V52C30NZMUH730