Eaton vickers hydraulic valve pressure on LS line

Following from my other post I’ve got a pressure gauge fitted to the LS port of the autosteer valve, not teed in, so it’s only running to the gauge, and when I use any hydraulic feature, spool, brakes or steering. Pressure increases slowly and takes a while to drop and doesn’t even drop all the way, so I’m guessing it’s lacking a leak off to tank but also pressure might be leaking into the Ls line??

Last year I build a ls system on a oc tractor (non steering related), there the Ls line also needed draining.

I made a line from the ls line to the T-line, and put a plate with a realy small hole (see link above) in. That solved all my problems.

You could test the same thing in you systems, it may solve your problemes too

brilliant thanks, i would like to know if there was an orifice in the block somewhere i could make bigger but theres nothing obvious, theres definitely some leakage to tank from the Ls line as i can see some draining out while working spool valves, steering etc with the return line taken off but like i say i dont think theres enough drainage. im guessing its just natural leakage and there is no drain at all.