Eaton Vickers Valve?

I have an older eaton/vickers valve on a JD 8220 which was originally ran by trimble. I put a legacy steer command on it and it worked fine. I want to upgrade to a steer command z2 but its looking like they don’t make a harness for it. So I may have to make some adapters etc to try to make it work but have some questions…
Do both enable valves open at the same time, or do they need activated individually left/right? the z2 harness only has two wires for enable.
I assume polarity matters to the proportional valves…and I wouldn’t know which is which…can I do this by trial and error without messing something up?

I don’t know anything about your particular valve so I can only provide generic information.

Polarity does not matter on coils, proportional or otherwise. What does sometimes matter is polarity for the fly back diode that might be located in the DIN connector (big square plug). A simple test of the multimeter on the diode setting of the plug unplugged will tell you if there is a diode and what the polarity should be. You do not want to put power through the diode.

If you have multiple enable coils, it’s because 3/2 valves are so much more available than 6/2 valves. There’s two coils because it’s easier/less expensive to do it that way. They act together from a single enable signal.

Thanks, that is helpful. The DIN connectors have 3 connections as shown, but the wires from them join at a four pin weatherpack. I already tested continuity and know which two pins from each valve go to the weatherpack. So if like you say it is just a simple coil and polarity doesnt matter, I should be able to do what I’m thinking along with tying the enable coils together.

Steercommand 2 is Agleader right?

Should not be a problem. Just keep in mind agleader uses a saftey valve. So some pin will send out 12v.

The 3rd connection in the DIN, the terminal that doesn’t have a terminal across from it, is the chassis ground terminal. It’s not required for this application and is more relevant when using coils that are 120 v ac.

Just want to restate this part because you may have missed it: I said that the polarity doesn’t matter to the proportional valve. If there is a fly back diode in the DIN plug then the polarity will matter to your Steer Command, and connecting it backwards may damage the Steer Command because it will essentially have a shorted output. Best to open the DIN plug and look for a diode, do a diode test of the DIN plug (which may have mixed results due to the LEDs), or to grab a voltage polarity reading from a running system.

Thanks for clarifying that. I found that it looks like ag leader makes a DIN adapter so I’ll probably pursue that before doing it myself. May have to wire the enable solenoids but thats not a big deal. I appreciate the info very much!