Editable PCB Schematic

Is there an editable (EasyEDA, etc.) copy of the AIO v4.1 PCB schematic available? I can find the PDF version but that is not editable.

It is in the boards repo. Should be a file named EASYEDA

I found them. Just didn’t dig deep enough. Thanks!

Where is that? got the same issue unable to find the easyeda file… only the gerber, pdf & co.

v4.1 Misro I have not seen. I was after v4.1 STD to do some work an the UM982/Bynav TX/RX reversed issue.

v4.1 STD:


I’m looking for the micro, so no luck for me.

Micro is highlighted in blue.

unfortunately it is the v3 not the v4.1 and I’m not sure the part I want to check is the same or not…

I’m going to try now

AIO V4 Micro release_ce2864ded54345b4adf55fb60ede249d.zip (1,1 МБ)

Thank you it is the correct one now