Electronics for dummies: Books? Youtube? Web?

Hi everyone!

Once I read two books of this outstanding gentelman J. E. Gordon - Wikipedia and I recommend them to everyone.
It gave me intuition about how constructions and materials work.

I was always intrested in learning electronics since I like to build and repair thing on my own.
Therefore I ask anyone to share your favorite resources on how to understand these PCBs and its components. I definitely need to build my theoretical knowledge in this field.

Thank you!

This guy will teach you electronics repair very slowly and methodically. The videos are really long but he leaves nothing out.

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Thank you, Tynell!


There are quite a few resources regarding Arduino online, These are good helps for learning and all applicable to an AOG setup.

A lot of basic electronics revolves around Ohm’s law, and understanding resistors and how to calculate resistance, current, and voltage. Growing up I used to have those Radio Shack electronics kits where you hook things together with wires and spring terminal. Those kits do teach basic principles, but as a youth I never really grokked it, unfortunately.

Another learning tool I recommend is TinkerCAD’s Circuits web site. you can put together a lot of basic circuits and simulate them. It can even simulate an arduino. And best of all if you short something out it doesn’t destroy real hardware!


If you want to learn about the lower level stuff such as how various protocols work, or how computers actually function I would highly recommend checking out Ben Eaters Youtube channel. I found his videos very helpful to understand low level computing that has come in very handy when working with microcontrollers where you sometimes need to start playing with registers or timers.


Thank you Aron!

Thank you Michael!

Found another good resource on youtube. Dronebot Workship. He has done a lot of good explanatory videos about using Arduino with various sensors, motor controllers, displays, etc. His website has them in some nice lists:

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These videos are awesome! Thanks a million!

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