Emlid caster

I am using Emlid caster. I noticed on some of the “MP”s on the caster table there is a location. On mine they just show 0x and 0y. So when I search for mounts close to me they don’t show up. Does it not use the fixed location from the TimeMode3 coordinates?

With what are you sending data to emlid? Does that software have an option to send base coords?

Emlids can be configured for lat/long or xyz to be the coordinate system for the base on the base settings tab.

Searching close Mount Points wont help too much unless you know the username/password for them but it does show how popular Emlid hardware has become.

Whats a timemode 3? Emlid caster is designed for Emlid hardware in mind.

Emlid is about to release a new RS3 with built in angle compensation. That should make the RS2 more affordable, and easiest base station. Currently running an M2 for over a year continuously as a base.

@m_elias @PotatoFarmer Thanks for the feed back.

I’m using Ardusimples WIFI NTRIP master so if it’s software related that makes sense. There isn’t any option for that.

Time mode 3 is in Ucenter thought it might forward that info via the 1005 or something.

But ya I understand it’s not a big deal. More of a curiosity.

The emlid receiver or the caster? I recently switched to emlid caster and I would like to be able to set the coordinates. Thanks

Set your coordinate standard choice xyz or lat/long on the base tab of the Emlid receiver. There also is a selection on the rtk setup page.

Caster just links the correction output over the internet.

So I’m using F9p as the base station receiver if that makes any difference. I’m not finding this RTK setup page

I only have experience with Emlid products connecting to Emlid caster.