Emlid M2 to ardusimple antenna adapter sma to mxc


I wanted to say that the following product from Amazon

DZS Elec 2pcs RG316 Wire Jumper 15cm SMA Female to MCX Male with Connecting Line RF Coaxial Coax Cable Antenna Extender Cable Adapter Jumper https://a.co/d/fArRPQ9

Works as an adapter from the emlid M2’s MCX to the ardusimple antenna’s SMA.

In PotatoFarmer’s video, he used a BNC to MCX adapter. However, that’s because he got a jynyushi antenna from ali express which uses BNC.

The adapter above (10$ CAD for two) is not on a right angle, which means the MCX connector can fit all the way through and securely without having to butcher the Emlid M2’s case.

Thanks again to fellow Canadian Potatofarmer for recommending the emlid M2.

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Not a problem

Just trying to find the path with the least steps so even more farmers can use AOG. Emlid M2 is a really great basestation if you just want it working easy right out of the box.

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