Enable Steer Switch

I’ve had a lot of problems getting autosteer working over the past year or so, it’s always been intermittent. Works in the lab, then doesn’t work in the field, I may have worked out why.

Can anyone explain the relationship between the on board (PCBv2) autosteer switch (PD6), the Enable Steer function in AOG and the autosteer button in the main GUI?

I’m not using a switch or button on the PCB, so PD6 is permanently grounded. As such, I didn’t think the Enable Switch function needed to be on, just thought the user had to enable it (and u-turn) in the GUI.

What is the relationship between these three?

Thanks :slight_smile:

*The Steer Indicator is a brilliant diagnostic feature!

If it’s in button mode AOG is expecting a momentary switch operation to enable / disable steer. In switch mode it is expecting shorted for off and open for on (or the opposite, depending on how your settings are configured).

Permanently shorting it in button mode will annoy AOG!

As for the interaction with the gui switch, I’m not sure. Never actually used it!

…and I agree about the steer indicator!

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In v5 you can turn off its function completely by setting the switch in arduino configuration to “none”

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I should have looked for that, thanks.

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