Engine Parameters

Hi all,
Today I went to test AOG in the fields. I find that the engine (Phidgets 12v) is not reactive enough when I turn around. I am 10m from the line and at the end of the U-turn it is very long to come back to the AB line. I hope the translation will be good because I use Google translation. Here is a photo of my installation.
Thank you to those who will help me adjust my engine parameters because the seedlings are approaching.

Have a good day

Hi Thomas, I assume you are using the Phidgets 3269 motor? This is actually a 24V DC motor, most people use a step-up converter to feed it with 19 or 24V to let it have more power.

In the Autosteer settings I would start to raise the values for proportional gain and output gain. You could also set Minimum PWM higher.




Hi Sjaak,
Thank you for your answer, I finally lowered the earnings which were too high. I also increased the PWM and went into Pure P steering mode. This mode is not easy to adjust but seems to work well for me except for the automatic turn around.
I also got help from other French people because it is not easy to know the usefulness of each setting.

Have a good evening