Engine running in one direction only


I have almost finished setting up agopengps but I have a small problem:

I’m trying to set up a system with err = 0, but the engine only runs in one direction.
When I press MA or MB the motor turns right and left

I have the latest version of Release 5.4.5

I have a BNO055

Please post a picture/print screen, showing the error.

Are you working in this screen, and can not steer right or left with the arrows beside the green tractor?

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you can see the video, the engine always tries to go in one direction and does not correct to go in the middle (my wheels are straight)

Maybe change was direction (in aog setup, see the manual)
This video is also good: AgOpenGPS v4.6 Beta Test - YouTube

Edit Invert Was or invert motor dir:

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When I inverse was or dir it’s the same… I don’t know where the problem comes from

WAS should be positive to the right.

I would check the wiring between the Cytron and PCB. Yellow should be DIR. (direction)

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Check if WAS Signal is correct

Basic Steer Settings - YouTube

I followed the instructions and it’s still the same… I also redid the wires between the cytron and the card
MB and MA work
I’m going to install the nano again

Which pcb you are using? I just noticed that Kaupoi pcb has a solder bridge IBT2 MD13s beyond the nano. You can try changing the nano, too.

I use kaupoimod v3.0.3

With agdiag it will be possible to see where the problem comes from quickly, right?

You can measure the voltage of DIR-Signal to doublecheck if your nano is working correctly

Hi! upload to arduino example EEPROM Clear and then upload the correct ino file. I suspect you have previously uploaded other versions of the ino file

I changed the arduino, and it works!

the previous one is 99% functional, but its memory is cluttered