Error compiling arduino micro v4

First post. I tried to upload the ino to the teensy but im getting a compiling error. I’m sure its something Im doing wrong. I can upload a blank sketch no problem. But when I select the Micro 4.5 autosteer it gives me an error.

Try searching or looking on the github for the new software called ‘configomatic’ it has all the right files all in one place.
Try here

You only have the one INO there, where are the rest? They should be in the same folder - but as was said, use AOGConfigOMatic, it’s much simpler.

Thank you for the replies. So if i may, one more question. I am using the baraki hydraulic valve for steering. what files are needed on the teensy? Is it just the all in one? Im assuming i will needed the can bus for the all in one board? But my assumptions have been wrong. Thank you again

That did work! Thank you. This is all new to me

i used the configOmatic to program my teensy and I used the “All-in-one (for v4.x)” file, because that is the all in one board I am using. I did not use any special programming file for the baraki hydraulic valve and none was needed. it gets signals from the cytron, the same as if you were useing an electric moter on the steering wheel. as i understand, canbus is for using AOG in a tractor that already has all the hardware for autosteer from the factory, and you basically just want to have AOG talk to the tractors computer and send autosteer commands that way.

hope that helps!

yes that did thank you