Errores V_5.5.0

Has anyone tried version 5.5.0? On the arduino screen I get this:

Arduino settings are under the steer settings. The youtube clip explains this

Thanks, I’m a bit clumsy
Clicking twice I see that the menu is displayed

X from settings does not work ?

Normal it is necessary to validate (green button at the bottom right).

If you want to save new settings if not clicking x makes sure that if you accidentally changed something it doesn’t get saved.

It is true that a red cross would sometimes be useful image

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Tried 5.5.0, mostly because I wanted to see the Satellite view map tile integration.

It did not work with Google maps for me, but was able to use Bing maps very easily. Could not figure out how to retain the map tile as background after closing the field. Had to redo the satellite map entry every time I opened the field to have it displayed in the background.

Very cool feature, just wish I could figure out how to retain the Information.