ESP32 Panda PCB w/ ethernet / WIFI and NTRIP server support

Hello friends!

Here is a PCBA I designed and made.
It has the components of a panda board soldered directly to one PCB but instead of a teensy I’m using ESP32 module which are easier to solder and more available.
As a plus it has ethernet support for UDP system compatibility.

I couldn’t find any panda firmware for the esp32 but the one I wrote worked well (in my living room at least, haven’t been able to field test it properly). I’ll upload it soon.

The PCBA has all parts needed for working as a NTRIP server and I’ve started to write code for it.

Since probably most of you don’t have access to a reflow oven i might be able to produce these if there are interest.

Let me know what you think!



Looks good. Keep up the good work.

Would it be possible to share the files of the board?

Looks very interesting - will look forward to the code, and if you plan to upload the board design to share, perhaps the AgHardware repository would be ideal?

We are hoping to include more boards there, so people have more choice.

Nice work!

Even the ublox GNSS receiver is reflow soldered on the board. Would it be possible to order the board e.g. from JLCPCB? I think I’d prefer to purchase a complete product from DevTerra.

The problem with having the F9P soldered on board is that JLC wants a ridiculous amount of money to assemble it and they don’t carry the BNO at all. Could probably go to PCBWay but there assembly is still very expensive

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Yes the PCBs are from JLCPCB but I soldered the BNO, F9P and ESP32 myself. It’s probably possible to assemble it completely there but it’s very expensive to assemble parts at JLCPCB that are sourced from elsewhere. That’s why I’m soldering them myself.

But since the parts are a bit cheaper than the modules it’s possible to deliver a plug and play board with a price that is not very far from the modules. Something like 250€ + VAT, antenna and case.