Even the getting started is confusing

Have been reading some of the information here and finding everything wildly confusing. I am running two gps with auto steer now. The upgrade costs for accuracy are what I’m trying to avoid. Step by step instructions with the required electronics would be great for people like me to learn the basics. Thanks everybody.

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Do you mean information here or at the wiki or both confusing?

For sure everything could be made more clear but we have to think about experts using their time for documentation and tutorials or building new features and enhancing existing ones.

Reading all the available instructions carefully should be enough, even I managed to build a system and I had a lot of details to learn first.

Perhaps you could ask help for some specific issues if you seem to be stuck with them.

Also is your intention to completely replace your current auto-steer systems? You could mention what you have now, do you have hydraulic steering etc.

If your GPS monitors are not unlocked for RTK you can not upgrade them for better accuracy. Most companies have their own keys for unlocking the RTK correction and other features. You can maybe use their antenna and their autosteer setup, but you will need to find the wiring diagram.

For starters I’m not sure what the wiki means. But I’m trying here. Not trying to replace my current systems they work very well. I’d just like to have better. Is there somebody out there that would build me a system ready to go?

Sorry, I was referring to this wiki: