Explanation of "Acquire look ahead"


I recently updated to 5.7.2 version and I’m confused with “Acquire look ahead” settings… What is it? In which units is that value? How to configure that? Can you also provide your “Acquire look ahead” settings for reference?


Acquire is the setting for the look ahead when it’s trying to get on to the line. Hold is the look ahead when it’s trying to stay on the line. I think acquire will be set a little lower for more aggressive steering when it’s trying to find the line

Okay, but what does that mean? In which units it is? What’s the meaning of “2 acquire look ahead”? 2 what?

What’s your settings here?

How did you find the right value? From what number did you start and what was you doing while tuning this parameter?



Start with it the same as your old look ahead settings. Watch it during uturn, if it’s not following close enough, turn it down a little.