F9P Configuration Issue: Need Help Getting RTK FIX with AGOPENGPS

For 2 years now, I have been using AGOPENGPS without any problems. I am currently using version 5.5 without UDP or any other new features.
This spring, I restarted my module and decided to change the configuration of the F9P to increase stability by switching to 10Hz (I was previously at 8Hz). Since then, I have had a problem: I no longer have FIX RTK, only DGPS. When I test my caster on Ucenter, I have no problems and I quickly get an RTK FIX, so my base is good.
Do you have a configuration file for Europe? There are several versions on the forum and I am lost.
Thank you to the entire community for your work!

You can find the firmware file and configuration file on Github
Upgrade your F9P to 1.32 using: AgOpenGPS_Boards/UBX_F9_100_HPG132.df73486d99374142f3aabf79b7178f48.bin at master · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards · GitHub
Then, push and update the latest config: AgOpenGPS_Boards/1.32 SingleAntennaRover.txt at master · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards · GitHub
I’m using this config in Europe, it works like a charm.

Make sure that NTRIP is turned on in AgIO to get your RTK FIX.

Thank for your answer but I got a error message during loading the config file.

Download the whole repo, or save the config file in raw format. Follow the guide on wiki

I followed the wiki. I’m updated and use the good config file.
But I still don’t have RTK fix only DGNSS…have you some ideas ??

NTRIP is correctly setup in AgIO?

I think so. DGPS status means ag receive a correction for my base station throw ntrip ? Am I wrong ?

can you send a picture of your AgIO screen

After a good argument, it was the TCP Only option that caused a problem. I now have a good RTK fix. So, with the centipede network, one should not use this option. Thank you very much for your help.

TCP Only option is when you are not using NTRIP but a direct TCP connection to a TCP server. Like if you were using a USR-TCP232-T2 Serial Ethernet Server connected to base station serial port, and enabled port forwarding on your router or using a vpn.

Good things to know ! :sweat_smile: