F9P RF interference

I have two instances where transmitting with our VHF radio in the tractor caused an issue.

On the sprayer they share a common power source (12v battery) but have separate wires straight from the battery. Here it only drops GPS position (teensy dual f9p) for a couple seconds before resuming with any action needed.

On the 8320 JD, I was running my laptop and teensy (single f9p & IMU) off their own isolated battery pack and in this case it seemed the Teensy was freezing and needed a power cycle to resume. The GPS reacquire time was about like a hot boot time.


This is a common issue, a post in this thread explains in detail.

We are right at 168.105mhz.

So right up tight to interfering with L1.

I guess trying new frequencies, trying new vhf antenna mount point, or trying lower tx power.