F9p setup for panda

Hello. I start making a PANDA module. Is there a configuration file for f9p? Or could someone share their configuration file? Because I row to configure it as indicated in the INO Basic Panda. Thanks in advance.

hope this helps you i think it might be what your looking for

autosteer gps teensy v5_5.ino ?

I already have these files. But I’m bad at English (I’m French) and I have trouble finding things to sort out in u-center. If I could find a settings file to put in u-center, I would be sure to forget anything.

No new config files needed for F9P, basic Andreas config runs fine. INO files are for teensy

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Thank you for that answer. It reassures me, if I misconfigured the f9p I could return to a known configuration.

That’s it, it works! The problem did not come from the configuration of the f9p, nor from the hardware. It’s my fault, I was on v5.5 and not 5.6.2!
Thank you all for your help.