F9P + topcon agi4 + agi3, no fix position

Hello anyone around please give me a hand to solve this issue

I did connected my external radio to an Agi4 and also Agi3,  unfortunately i cant get the receiver in fix position. 

 my base station is fine, all messages ok.   also on the radio receiver it is sending in to the Agi3 and agi4 messages  1004, 1006, 1008, 1012, 1033, 1032. so i believe this is fine. 

           btw, both Agi3 + Agi4 has no topcon receiver radios attached, and i was told that the topcon radios are the rtk unlock.  So if I want to use my own radio as external radio i must have topcon orginal radio attached to the Agi3 and   Agi4.

So  any one got the agi3 or 4 working without topcon radio attached?  Am i doing anything wrong?

any help  I appreciate

So far I’m not aware of anyone having hacked the Topcon RTK lock. If you want RTK, better to purchase the internal modem (and gyro unit) or start learning some receiver hacking.