F9P Won't Show Up on USB

Recently bought the ZED-F9P starter kit from ArduSimple. I can’t get my computer to “see” it when I plug it in the USB slot.

I’m getting a blue light on the POWER LED and a blue light on the NO RTK LED, and eventually get a blinking blue LED on the GPS FIX. Multiple USB ports have been tried.

Nothing shows up in Device Manager, AOG Configomatic or in U-center.

Could it be the cord? I mean I’m getting lights. It’s getting power. Does that give the cord a pass?

How do I make this thing show up on my computer? It’s a laptop running Windows 11 if it matters. And it’s not under Sensors in device manager. My device manager doesn’t list any sensors. The uBlox F9P isn’t showing up under anything in my device manager.

Make sure you are plugged into the “power +GPS” socket on the ardusimple board. I’m guessing you got that part correct though.
It could still be the cord, have you connected anything else to your computer with that cord? Some are charging only cords and only have 2 wires in them instead of 4 which are used for data, which would allow it to get power from your computer, but wouldn’t allow your computer to find it. I had this issue with a cheap usb-c cord that I later figured out was charging only and it drove me nuts for a while. :smiley:

Windows also sometimes sees it at a module instead of a Comm port. In device manager just right click and delete the module. Then replied and it will show up as a comm port.

May be this can help COM ports disappear after latest Windows 10 update and how to fix it - ArduSimple

Just wanted to close out this thread and say that the cable was my problem.

I shopped around and found one that was for moving files between a digital camera and a computer.

Plugged everything together and it showed right up on COM3.