Featured on the Farmers Weekly podcast here in the UK

I spoke to farmers weekly yesterday to discuss how I put together my autosteer setup. I’m very happy with how it came out.
You can listen to it here from 9 minutes in


You are well spoken, very clear.

I think the hosts comment “almost sounds to good to be true”, is bang on. This was even my opinion until I made a working unit. Open source is not usually synonymous with quality, AOG really challenges that stereotype.

Hopefully Clarkson was listening :grin:

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Thank you. I really struggle with speaking in a situation like that. It was immensely stressful.
I’m only just down the road from Clarkson and watching him do a terrible job of drilling my first thought was “I wish I could get him setup with a system”


Well done!

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I have to hand it to Clarkson for showing the world about real farming, though. His doing a terrible job of common tasks is part of his shtick for a lack of a better word. It’s how he sells his entertainment. All part of the show. Plus it’s kind of a way of reinforcing the notion that it’s not something a person could jump into and do a half-way decent job. In this case I think it’s good to show the rest of the UK and the world just how difficult farming really is, and also how silly a lot of the regulations are that farmers have to abide by. So many people think, if only those stupid farmers would do this or that we’d all be so better off. This show throws cold water on those notions, while entertaining the ignorant masses. At least in my opinion.