Feeding Horsch Maestro with NMEA 8Hz from MTZ's DualGPS - any experience?

Hello, colleagues.
Farmer runs agopengps with MTZ’s Dual antenna , based on ubx f9p. I set 8Hz frequency to have it run smooth enough with RTK & all constellations ON. Now the farmer wants to run with Maestro seeder, using the RTK signal to get section control from the Horsch ECM. Horsch serviceman told me that I should provide 1Hz GGA, VTG and 5 Hz GSA, ZDA. I wonder what if I all the 4 messages with 8Hz rate. Had anyone any experience with such task?
As far as I understand, I can’t provide 5 Hz rate having the ubx running at 8 Hz, can I ?

First of all, are you sure you got the Hz figures right? Would be odd to have GGA at 1 Hz but GSA and ZDA at 5 Hz.

I guess you have to test 8 Hz instead of 5. I’d assume 5 being the minimum, a higher figure would likely work as long as it isn’t too high to exhaust the Horsch controller.

There are output options on AGIO. I have never used them but looks like what you are looking for.

No GSA on the list but I doubt it would affect the Maestro operation, likely just status info for the machine operator.

I assume at 5 Hz AGIO would look at the latest message every 200 ms and if the GNSS receiver operates at 8 Hz, the messages at 5 Hz would not represent a position sample once every 200 ms. If used e.g. for section control, every sample comes at about 0.5 m distance at 10 km/h speed. One sample mismatch may not be an issue but not ideal either.

By the way, had a look at the Touch 800 manual and it suggests GGA at 5 Hz, ZDA at 1 Hz (+ some others), makes more sense than the figures from OP.