Fendt 209V (Vineyard version) 2013 WAS access

Made an Y cabel to get the WAS signal.
Superseal connectors and Mannol tape 9717.
2x 10k resistors between GND - ADS and signal - ADS. Use the ADS in differential mode. Without the resistors the signal for tractor’s electronic gets wrong, when the ADS is not powered

IMG_20190216_171138_9 IMG_20190312_174426_1 IMG_20190312_174432_9 IMG_20190312_174439_6

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This type of Y adapter can be used in any type of sensor ?

If i have a sensor with 3 pin Vcc, GND, SGN. It is safe to use this y adapter or there is a risk to burn ecu ?

I put a 10k resistor in each outgoing cabel (white and brown) on the way to the ADS. It worked also without the resistors as long, as the ADS was powered. When switching off the ADS the 4WD switch was not centered, so the unpowered ADS affects the signal. With the resistors in the line the problem was gone.
This is only a suggestion, do on you own risk!