Fendt 716 de 2010

Hello, I have 2 fendt (716 and 714) from 2010, pre-equipped autosteer. I would like to know if you had assemblies of this type and how to control the fendt valve? and also where is she? Thank you for your help .

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Here a my copy of pcb with teensy 4.1 and imu, just need to be connected in roof to, I am very grateful for CommonRail work

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Hello, Thank you for your help, but do you think that the fendt 716 and 714 of 2010 accepts the CANBUS? . If so: great! I would have liked some pictures of the connection in the cabin, but I will start to disassemble the 716 to see… Thanks again.

Hi other info : the year of 716 and 714 is 2007 !

works on Fendt SCR, S4, Gen6 steer ready!
Teensy connections.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Hi PNIELS , thanks you very mutch ! But my fendts are of 2007 year !
and not scr models ! I dont no if its possible to connect at fendt can bus … Thanks for your help

then there is probably only troublesome way with hydraulic valve or electric motor, as I have done with my old 714 from 2004, you might use CAN to start auto steering as well as raise / lower the lift

What valve type have they got?

Not sure if the valve is behind the right rear wheel or under the cabin on the steering orbital on them.

In the fuse/computer box on the right of the seat there is a computer closet to the rear of tractor. The easiest way would be to replace that with a AgOpen box but you need to check if it’s CAN or PWM valves.

You could send steering commands to that factory steering controller in the fuse box but I’m unsure if it’s the best way in those older models

Are your tractors com2 or com3 models?
If com2 the factory auto guide ready valve will be a bang bang type, this valve block will be under the main hydraulic valve stack on righ side. If com3 then it will have a danfoss pved-cc on the orbitrol and as tony said a ecu in the cab. If you have a com3 then I think the standard fendt code should work, you would just have to find the v-bus and isobus can to connect to.

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Hi thanks . I think is a com3 . and for test can bus , its nessessary use the teensy4.1 system ?

Teensy is better in the end when using AgOpen. But the Uno/CAN shield works too and is much cheaper and easier to test. To you have any CAN equipment?

Hi , thanks commonrail , yes working a litle with can bus , have a Peak system PC module , and using MEGA arduino + modules CAN .