Field editor

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A little thought about the field limits. Adding or removing a point can be very useful sometimes, it is a good thing. If I knew coded I would work on field editor. The way to draw AB lines so simple makes you want to be able to do the same with the fields. Add a limit, move another, split a field in two, merge two adjacent fields … Could be very useful. I know there is software out there that can do this, but if it was integrated into AOG it would be really cool.
Voila, just a thought.
Good day to you and well done for your work.

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AbDraw form is a nice place to edit the field. Currently working on editing survey points in this form. The nice thing about this form is that clicking on the screen actually gives you the easting and northing of the field. All in the program internally. Fairly easy to trim a field to a line. But dividing a field in two separate fields would be difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. Saving everything above the line as one field, below the line as field two, maybe.

Now, delete apply area for a given window, drag uturn line in along an area, or re color an area of interest after the sprayer was acting up today, those may be useful. Definitely worth considering.