Fine tuning steer settings

Used agopen for sowing this autumn,suitable impressed is an understatement!!
Just need to fine tune the settings to hold a straighter line if possible
Version 5.7.2

Long slow left/right wobble

Sowing at 5mph
Any help or pointers greatly appreciated👍
Take no notice of the front mounted implement on screen👍

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From my experience at that speed try to lower the hold look ahead to about 1.7.
At slower speeds you want your point to be closer to the tractor.

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Do you sow with front mount equipment?
Under the wrench :wrench: icon there is a steer chart. Your minimum to move is quite low. That chart will show you if your steer is indeed reacting fast enough. If you can’t dial it in with look ahead as a last resort try counts per degree. I have had several tractors that had a hard time settling on a line at high speed I dropped the CPD by 10-15% and BANG​:exclamation: it seems like to get those same units to hold the line at low speed I had the go 10% over the number calculated by driving in circles. It’s a bit of a hack for over or under sized valve.

No,i photoed the settings 1 day when mowing