Firmware update to base problem

Yesterday I updated my f9p base to the 1.13 firmware and reinstalled Andreas’ 1.13 base config.
However it now just says pending in the caster table. Done this for more than 24 hours.
Is there something I should have done in ucenter when I did the update please ?

Andreas configuration sends RTCM over USB. If you are using NTRIPMaster plugged in Xbee you need to set RTCM3 to port on UART2, baud 115200. You also need to enable RTCM messages in message card for uart2

Hi Baraki
I’m not using Ntrip master. I use a laptop connected via usb. Do I still need to change the messages. ? Thank you

The mount is listed in the Snip caster table but nothing at all next to it now where others give the satellites etc.

Edit. Problem solved thanks. I had not saved the config correctly in messages.