First Test IMU on Drotek ESPrtk F9P Dev Board - ICM20689 RM3100 DPS310

Hi AGO and ESPrtk users !

Early 2022 we get the Drotek ESPrtk Dev Board from France.

This is the 2nd prototype in the cooperation project between ESPrtk and Drotek . !

Full video :

We have completed the firmware development for the new IMU ICM20689 RM3100 DPS310 .🛰✈️🚜🚤

Blog :

This video is tesing on IMU only !
This DEV board support : F9P ESP32 IMU ICM20689 RM3100 DPS310 LoRa OLED SaRa U201 3G Ethernet W5500 , 2 cell 5000mAh lithium battery, auto charger.

If you have any questions or something is unclear, feel free to ask us.
ESPrtk :
Drotek :

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