Fix Boundary Mistakes

Is there a way in AOG to fix bad points in a boundary?
I have had a few situations where while I am making a field boundary I make a mistake and get a bad point in the boundary, example if I need to back up while making the boundary (before I had IMU) and forget to pause the rec then the implement would swing and make the boundary incorrect, this can be especially aggravating when in the corner of a field and the boundary line doesn’t end up right on the out side edge, so the U turn will want to start turning to soon based on ONE bad point made by operator error.
It would be nice to be able to make edits to the boundary such as deleting bad point, or even be able to move a few points as necessary.
I will attach a pic just to help show my point, I made this in the simulator but I would be able to delete the point I show in red then the boundary would be strait and would cause problems later on.

It’s fairly easy to fix them while recording, by pausing the record and deleting the last way point. I had looked at editing the file they are saved in manually, but didn’t understand the format. I have taken to recording boundaries as a separate operation, taking time to make sure they are right before saving, rather than feeling pressured to get on with the job I went to the field for.

Being able to export boundaries to google maps as easily as we can import them and then be able to add, move or remove points would be great.