Fix with pcbv2 and panda stuck at 573

Afternoon all

At a friend’s upgrading his version 4.3 to 5.6.15 with panda. I know my panda board is ok as it works fine on mine. I reflashed his Arduino with v5 usb, connected the panda up and… The map isn’t rotating when we drive about. Fix, at top left, is stuck at 573.

So, I connected his pcbv2 and panda to my laptop, all fine. Ok, so clearly something amiss with his AOG, perhaps an old setting somewhere upsetting it.

Removed %appdata% folders, renamed the AOG folder in Documents so it couldn’t get anything old and… Same thing.

Don’t get how the hardware fine on my tablet/laptop, but not on his ?

Any suggestions?


In AOG in the setting tab are both Laptops on the same heading calculation?

Under “Antenna heading Type”
It should be “fix to fix”.
“Dual” can cause this kind of issues

Theses settings depend on vehicle, you can try to export the vehicle file from the working computer and load in the other

What about gps and imu values on top left?

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Thanks Pat - one of the guys on telegram spotted that I’d somehow managed to download 5.6.15 instead of 5.6.2 on my mates machine. Once it was on 5.6.2, problem went away. How I managed to pull an older version and then the right one in mine, anyone’s guess…

VTG and older version requirement I guess !

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Remember 5.6.2 is before 5.6.15. As it is 02 not twenty


had the same issue today. PANDA fix heading stuck at 573 degrees with version 5.6.16. downgrading to version 5.6.2 solved it. thanks for the hint @andyinv !

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