Fmx 1000

i have a trimble fmx 1000 trying to run rtk via a back 40 gps dongle, i can get everything to work, but i have to go into agremote and turn on the gga signal coming out, once i do you can see the communications start on the lefebune app, but once i exit ag remote the diplay turns off the gga out, wondering if im missing a setting somewhere or if it would be better to use a seirra modem.


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Ok to clear up some confusion, By running RTK you mean trying to get RTCM3 corrections into an RTK unlocked fmx 1000? This can be done depending on the base station you are using, if it is compatible with Trimble RTCM3.0 and containing the 1008 message.

Or are you trying to use NMEA output from a 3rd party gps into the fmx1000 for steering?
This is not possible.

rtcm3 corrections into a unlocked monitor, it works, but when you set all the settings up, it will revert back to turning off the gga messages for nema out using ag remote, but as soon as you exit agremote the monitor defalts to turnning it back off. if you set up the port settings in the monotor for gga out it wants to see a trimble radio and use tsip instead of nema. it works fine just going into ag remote and turning on the gga nema messages out to get the lefeburne app to start sending messages, but if you loose cell for a few min and xfill starts you have to go back into agremote and turn the gga messages on.

Okay I think see the problem you are facing now.

Who is the base station provider? Is it your own personal one?

What is the GGA signal used for VRS?

using a home built f9p setup, then use lefebune app on my cellphone to connect to it and send the rtcm messages via blue tooth into the monitor via the blue tooth dongal

but it seems that the lefebune app wants to see a gga message from the monitor before it starts sending rtcm messages, but if you loose cell reception the app wont restart sending rtcm messages untill it gets a gga message from the monitor

You can configure the Lefebure App to read the reported location from the external receiver, from the phone’s GPS or you can enter it manually. Since you are using a private base, not VRS, even a random manually entered location should be fine.

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Even if you had bought all dealer equipment, the GGA would not be sent back from the fmx, whatever hardened cell modem they are using has yet another gps antenna hanging off of it to send the relative position back to the NTRIP server. Not very logical but they get to sell you more stuff.

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