For Sale - Xbee SX SMT to DIP adapters

I designed and ordered some PCBs to help with DIY’ing the Digi SX radios for RTK (homebrew arduSimple LR/XLR). They help hold the 2mm pin headers in place while soldering.

I ordered them with my autosteer PCBs so they only cost $1 each plus shipping. If you’re not in a hurry and only buying a few PCBs I think mailing them in a regular envelope will be the cheapest.

This was my first design.
Standard 1.6 mm thickness
Includes RF cooling pad but not necessary for 20mW SX (arduSimple LR) radios (this pad needs to be soldered via reflow)

Then I got creative and tried to add the RF trace to a through hole SMA connector.
0.6 mm thick so that the RF trace matches the 50 ohm impedance spec of the radio/ant

I also have a new design (no boards ordered yet) that adds the option of a board edge SMA connector (just like arduSimple has) and a large plated hole instead of the RF thermal pad to allow
hand soldering for the 1W SX PRO (arduSimple XLR)
Anyone with advice regarding the design please send me a message, particularly the RF trace/connections
The design is available here XBEE SMT to DIP - EasyEDA open source hardware lab

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I also have straight, right angle and board edge SMA connectors for soldering available if you need. $1 ea

Straight SMA
Ali Express

Right Angle SMA
Ali Express

Board Edge SMA
Ali Express
These fit nicely on a 1.6 mm thick PCB but from my research it’s easier to design the RF trace with a thinner PCB so they are loose on my 0.6 mm PCB but just need a spacer on one side.

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