From where can I supply 12v from the AIO board

Hello, I want to power a 12 volt fan from the aio and i don’t know where to power it from, I know there are the board ampseal pins that i can solder the wire to in the back but preferably i want to wire it on the front of the aio.

For best performance, ardusimple doesn’t recommend using fans in a box where f9p is… Why do you need to cool it? I had it running in a black petg box in very hot days and nothing overheated other than tablet maybe…

Tip #3: “Check that the rtk board is used inside a box (without ventilators). Airflow and direct sunlight affect the performance.”


Ok, I didn’t know that, I was thinking that sometimes maybe if the tractor ac wouldn’t work it would get very hot in the cabin and it might need a fan. Thanks a lot for the answear, no fan it is.

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