FZ-G1 Brightness

I have 3 of these units. One cratered so I brought another one out of the cupboard but I can’t get the brightness control to work on it. I’m pretty sure the one that cratered had the same issue when I first tried to use it and I managed to get it working, but I can’t seem to get this one to cooperate.

I’ve installed the One-Click bundle from Driver Pack for Enterprise|TOUGHBOOK Support - Panasonic and I thought this was what did the job last time. But despite playing around in the usual settings page and the Panasonic Dashboard, moving the dials on them doesn’t seem to affect the brightness one way or another.

Has anyone figured out how to get this to work? I did it once but can’t seem to recreate that success.

Do you have adaptive brightness enabled? That will override the buttons if so?

I disabled that in the Power Plan settings - Advanced and then rebooted a couple times to see if that had any effect. Unless there’s somewhere else I’m missing? I couldn’t find anything in the BIOS that seemed related.

I had to update to the latest Intel video drivers. I used WinZip driver updater. After that, display brightness showed up at the bottom of the notifications panel and the brightness buttons in AOG began working.

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I’ll give that a try, though I’ve never encountered the Winzip driver updater.

BTW, that worked. Never used that updater before but it seemed to find better drivers than I could on the website for the damn thing.