Hi all,

I have 4 FZ-G1’s for sale.

1 with only usb €270 euro
3 with Rj45 and usb and 4g Lte simslot € 310 euro

Excl shipping costs.

Will be send from the netherlands.

Windows 10 and charger included.

Please contact me. im looking for one.

What mk are they? The ones with RJ45 port.

Fz G1 MK 1 Tablet I5 3437 8G Met 512Gb Ssd Window 10

I have to change my surface microsoft witch is so old, some problems with usb port.

I am intrinsting by one of your FZG1 witch have RJ 45 port.
how many for shipping cost to France?

I want to try to turn version V5.5 usb to V5.5 udp. And i will need some help…

Have a good day

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