FZG1 bricked. No lights, won't boot, no bios

Took the battery out to check the sin card size, put battery back in, nothing. Won’t start, plugged in or on battery.
At this point I’m just gonna give up on this pile of crap and buy a new Surface Pro

Any suggestions as I can’t find any answers on Google.

Did you try a long press (30 seconds) on the power button?

Yes. Going to try and replace the cmos but I don’t quite understand why it’s all just stopped working

Sounds like battery not seated correctly. What about with power brick?

Unfortunately neither of those things seem to be the issue, I can tell that both charger and battery are functional as the battery warms up.

Power button actually functioning?

Take the battery out, unplug the charger then press the power button for 30 sec, then plug battery back in, then the charger, then power up

Done that, tried again. Still nothing.

Did you test the power button? I’ve never had to take mine apart yet but that’d be one thing I’d test before I give up on it.

Took it apart and plugged it in with battery removed. Loads of heat coming from this area which suggests to me that there is a short. Not sure exactly what though