G'day I'm new, where do I begin?

G’day all, I just joined AOG. Where do I start?

At this time I’m looking to piece together a system that will allow A-B guidance, hydraulic auto steer and NMEA messages.

Any advice or links would be most appreciated.

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Start with a GPS and a windows tablet. The Ardusimple F9P is the best supported.

Hi there,
I started recently as well. People on this forum are really helpfull. Look up: ‘starting with agopengps’ here on the discourse. I got a lot of helpful answers.

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What is the discourse?

Thank you, that is great!

Do you have any suggestion as to the electronic components I will need for the auto steer and NMEA messages?

The discourse is this forum. Please start reading around here. In the beginning it’s so much to learn.

Have you tried the program in simulator? You can use any windows computer to do that.
Also read the manual you find it in the program, just click help.

Latest approved release is still 5.6.2 (02 not twenty) you find a link in the attached thread.
Remember to download both program and support folders and unzip.
You do not have to download source code.
Click on blue text:

Another hint is use the magnifying glass at top right, here on discourse. Combine more words to narrow down results :slight_smile:

Support folders have several schematics and pictures as inspiration.

And also follow the latest, just to see what many people are working on at the moment.

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Great! Thank you!

I download the program and had a bit of a look around. I was trying to figure out what hardware components I will need so I can get them ordered in case of delays.

Hi, I am new here also. Been reading a ton from this forum, thanks for all the good info.

I have a question about the connection of AgIO v5.7 to my F9P.
I have a new SimpleRTK2B basic starter kit connected to my laptop by USB and the antenna connected to it, and placed near a window. I downloaded Ucenter, and updated the firmware on my F9P to v1.32. I downloaded a config file (Rover 1Hz) from the arduSimple site and installed it on my F9P. Ucenter seems to be telling me everything is good as shown in the screen print below. But when I open Agio, I don’t seem to be able to do anything. I’ve tried multiple baud rates, but I can’t seem be able to do anything in AgIO.

Thanks for your help

Have you disconnected from u center when you tried to connect to agio

Thank you, that helped me make some progress. With ucenter shutdown, now I see data either going to or from the antenna. I was also able to setup a connection to NTRIP, but I still am not able to get AgIO to a point where AgOpenGPS is able to do anything. I’ll continue reading and learning. Any additional pointers would be appreciated.

Please disregard. After connecting to NTRIP, I was able to click on the Antenna, and connect to GPS, now I get Lat/Lon numbers, and AgOpenGPS is happy. So much to learn from everyone’s contributions here.