Gerber file or Eaglecad schematic from pcb

Does anyone have the eagle cad schematic or gerber files of this project:

I need the files to make it on


It will no work with Ag.

Why not?

Part od the program which work with this things is disabled

Hi Lucas.

Flow rate is currently unavailable.
Due programming problems it’s disabled and Brian will rebuild it. Don’t know his time schedule when he will do.

If it is section control only that you are asking about, I might be wrong but I think that the code for SCA/SCL to the expansion board hasn’t been written into the arduino sketch yet.

You can use a normal relay board and have 3 relay outputs with BrianTee’s PCB or 4 relay outputs with Ropcope’s PCB. I just recently built Ropecope’s board and know 100% that the section control from AgopenGPS outputs too the 4 terminals on the board correctly.

For BrianTee PCB & Section Control Board

For Ropecopes PCB & Section Control Board