Getac cellular reception

I have a getac tablet, and I popped a SIM card in to see how it would work. I was a little disappointed with the results. Where I am at, we have, in most places, good to excellent cell reception, yet the getac seemed to have very poor reception with a mediocre download speed. And yes I used the correct apn. Just curious does anyone else use cellular on their getac, for ntrip and if so do you use an external antenna, connected to your havis dock?

does your tablet have no wifi ? you could just connect to your phone by wifi, most phones have hotspot for internet

Yes it does have wifi, and hotspotting works great with my iPhone, plugged in with iTunes installed on the computer. I just wanted to be able to hop in the tractor, turn on the tablet and be good to go. This is strictly for the benefit of the other people using the tractor who find it annoying and inconvenient to always connect their phone to the tablet

You’re just using the internal antenna? Does it have an external antenna option?

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Ya. There are three antenna connector things on the bottom of the tablet and they pass through the havis dock to sma type connectors. I’m not sure though if any one of those three is for a cellular antenna. can u name our havis station ?

Havis DS-GTC-200 / 201 Docking Station for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet Mount

Hey Clark. I also have a Getac F110 and also just bought a SIM card for the convenience of others.
I also have Havis docks (since a few hours ago), but a difference is that neither my tablet nor my dock has the 3 sma connectors.

What I am finding is that the tablet had acceptable cellular signal without the dock. If I boot the tablet out of the dock, and keep it out of the dock, the cellular signal is acceptable.

If I boot the tablet while docked then I get zero bars/no service. I’m suspecting that there is a BIOS setting that switches the WWAN out to the dock when the tablet is docked, it would explain my complete lack of signal, and it could explain your poor signal. The G-Manager settings are all set to disable the pass through, that’s why I suspect a BIOS settings. Your dock at least has some SMA internals to it, maybe enough for a poor signal.

It would be a simple test for you, just boot the tablet out of the dock and see if the signal is any different.

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I have tried both, in the dock and outside the dock, and I couldn’t see any difference in signal quality. I did not think about the checking G manager or bios. I only ever got three bars max of hspa . Download speed was something like 5mbps

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