Getting basics right for autosteer

i also ordered pcb Kaupoi v4 this morning
i ordered a CMPS 14 in place of BNO085 witch i have to put under the roof of rover for minus pertubations
i suppose the proximity switch is for the motor of autosteer.
Somebody will explain us

yes it is for “steer” switch ( or can be use for “work” or “remote”)

It is challenge and motivation to learn and apply,


i want have a second live to learn and apply;once as long will be will be too short…


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Don’t worry, you are not yet the dean of the forum, only the will to do and learn matters. If I can afford one advice, as you are starting your project, look at the side of ethernet, the udp, this is the solution chosen for the future

Maybe the wiring diagrams can help you.

I am sur that i’m not the dean of the forum but i have one regrets that i didn’t started one year before…

We are all some time behind. Today the new thing is teensy 4.1 with Imu and f9p connected, to make even better roll calculations. But it is not ready yet. Perhaps coming later this year :slight_smile:
I believe that teensy can be combined with older PCB types.

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57 is now middle age, one of the healthiest ages in my opinion, One of our sayings is “No matter where you come back from the loss, it is profit”.


i will try to learn at the last day of my life…
I am sure that this product (agopen) will be continue many many years again

With AOG, every day is a school day!


The picture in your post here is to get the ntrip signal into Agio. (To pass on to your gnss receiver, which then can get rtk fix)
But you do not need ntrip to make AOG work.
You must have a gnss reciecer of some kind.
Older types will work, but ublox f9p type is very good.
Skytraq also work.

For the moment i try to operate agopen like a light bar with precision; in a second time i will make pcb and assemble other pieces to have an autosteer.
I don’t know if i have made a mistake with the position

I hope you can help me to have a rtk fix.

Do you have GPS connected in AgIO ? “Current GPS FIX” should not be empty with GPS is connected.

this picture is taken of my tablet without any F9P and any more antenna connected
I will try to reconnect all pieces in few days

I’m back now i can show you i have connected F9P and antenna to my tablet

If someone of you can tell me what i have doing wrong?

The. ? Mark just indicate that you are not moving.

AOG does not yet know which direction

If you choose language at top left you can select French. Then in HELP you get the whole manual.
Manual is also in support folder.
I have Danish in my AOG 5

for the moment you are in single to switch to rtk activate the ntrip

The NTRIP is actived